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About Me.

Zen, personal growth, and cats are my jam.

I am a meditation marathoner. 

I do meditation like runners do marathons.

I am a spiritual seer & an empath. 

My superpower is I feel frequency.

In my spare time you may find me here: @care4fosterkittens


My First

I began practising meditation when I was sixteen years old. 


Oprah had featured Shirley MacLaine and I was intrigued so I got her books out of the library and purchased her chakra meditation video. 


From there I became a voracious reader and explorer of the occult, metaphysics, subtle energy techniques, spirituality, new age and ancient wisdom.


Connecting with my Divine Self puts the joy in life for me. 


I hope to intrigue your imagination and coax you into exploring the mystical and ethereal.

Meditation Experience...

In my twenties I had uterine fibroids grow to the size of tennis balls in a time span of six months so was looking for solutions other than giving up my uterus as I wanted to keep open the option of having children.


It is amazing the kind of motivation and clarity one gets when one is faced with a life altering decision. 


Looking back, I see what a gift it was to be pushed to explore the world of quantum energy and meditation further.


My own health challenges are where my drive for zen came from.  If it hadn't been for them, I wouldn't have slowed down enough to discover the ethereal world.  I've been blessed because of it and have learned well the meaning behind "everything happens for a reason".

Medical Crisis...

My First


The zen techniques I've created, soothe and rejuvenate my being and my dream is that everyone will get to have the opportunity to experience the wonderful and incredible impact affirmations {the correct way}, visualization {the optimal way}, meditation {with purpose} and working in the quantum energetic realm can have on their own life.

I hope you will join me and allow me to be your tour guide on your journey in connecting with your gorgeous Divine Self further.


I wish to demystify the mystical and make it attainable to any who wish to traverse those roads.

Is For Everyone To

Experience Deep Zen...

My Dream

I teach forward thinking, open-minded individuals how to reshape their perception of themselves and the world. [Is this you?]


I utilize esoteric knowledge to assist people to clearly identify their challenges and unmask their true goals. [Do you want to uncover your authentic life purpose?]


I assist beings in unlocking their passion for life, uncovering their sacred gifts, helping them to find more meaning in life and experience more joy and freedom along the way. [Do you want to experience a more meaningful life?]


I believe that goal achievement is more about personal transformation than anything else, whether that goal is more happiness, better relationships, greater spiritual awareness, more financial security, or simply to experience less anxiety and frustration. [Do you want to accomplish more goals?]


My instruction style is simple, straight forward, and I provide practical ways to get started immediately. [Do you want actionable guidance that produces results?]

That Everyone Uncovers
Their Sacred Gifts...

My Wish Is

magic flower on water.jpg

My beginning journeys into the quantum realms of high frequency energy felt so blissful and had such a tremendous physical impact that I increased my practice to two hours a day.  That resulted in my having visions of some of my past lives, being able to interact with the person I was in those lifetimes, having visions of other people's past lives when doing a high frequency energy transmission with them, and downloading pertinent information with remarkable timing.  I usually only experience clairvoyance when doing treks into the high frequency realms of the Quantum Field or within a couple hours afterwards. 

The Mystical...


I've always been an empath so it was no surprise to see that increase.  It took until I was 47 years old to get control over my clairsentience (clairempathy).  For my entire life I felt like being an empath was a curse.  I created a physical and energetic heart wall to try and reduce the impacts of being an empath.  Learning how to harness my heart portal was such a blessing as it offered me relief and freedom from such discomfort.  


What did surprise me in my development is that I can feel frequency.  I use the words frequency and energy interchangeably so I want to explain what I sense.  In my Reiki journeys I noticed some practitioners could feel energetic blockages in people just by running their hands over someone's aura or energy field (biofield).  I don't have that skill.  Which I think is odd is I can often times feel a person's spirit or Divine Self.  I can literally feel it.  You know that line, "I see dead people"?  I don't see dead people, I feel them.  I have on more than one occasion felt a spirit or nonphysical entity brush against me or show up in a room I'm in.  It is not uncommon to be standing beside someone and all of a sudden I realize I can feel their presence, their actual self, not their physical body or vessel.  

I also can feel the movement of frequency in my body, be it chi, prana, kundalini energy or my energy field -- all of those are different and distinct sensations.

This ability also extends to sound.  I can hear frequency.  Some people are surprised at the effects of sound baths - I'm not.  I can listen to music and can tell what it can be used for.  I don't have all the skills with clairaudience but I have many of them.  I once asked a question, a request really, and the answer was spoken to me in my head as I imagine telepathy might work.  I've been intervened upon my entire life but never in my life did I ever think I'd get an answer direct to my mind.  Let me tell you, that moment had a few Holy Effs, and WTF's in it.  Advanced beings can push info into our mind which is what I believe this to be, in this case.  I don't normally hear spirits - audibly or in my mind.  Some people can hear their energy field torque into the merkaba as it spins.  I haven't developed the ability to hear that.  If you've ever felt your mood change because of a piece of music you've listened too, you've experienced the effects of a sound bath.  It's how the music in movies enhances the experience.

I have had a few experiences with clairalience - smelling something that "isn't there".  For me thus far, it has always been cologne.  In these instances, I've never had a communication or felt the presence of the spirit, it was just the smell to let me know someone was visiting.

I have had a few intense experiences of claircognizance - the feeling or knowingness that something vitally important is happening or going to happen.  More common for me is I get flashes of knowingness download into my brain.  Some information out of nowhere will pop into my mind.

I find thrift stores a bit intense which is due to clairtagency or psychometry.  Our bodies emit energy - vibrations, which have a frequency.  Thoughts and emotions have frequencies.  Whatever we wear, including our belongings - dishes, ornaments, decorations, etc all get imprinted with our energy.  Now imagine every item in a thrift store is emitting different energies.  It is like being in a room full of people all talking at once but on the energetic level.  So ya, that can be overwhelming, lol.

I believe we all have Divine gifts and I believe we ALL have the capacity to develop ALL the Clairs.  I believe we can grow and develop our divine abilities, we simply need to be shown how and have the willingness to set aside time to practice.  Just like any other skill we wish to develop be it learning a musical instrument, language, sport, etc.

Some people call it seeing into the supernaturals or the heavens.  I usually refer to it as the Quantum Field.  There are endless things to explore if that is your desire.  I encourage you to make the time to visit the high realms of the Quantum Field.  If you are an adventurous traveler, you won't be disappointed.

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again.

~ Joseph Campbell


What are you waiting for?

Get started zenning!

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