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No Farmers No Food

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

The crux of the issue:

“...nearly 60 per cent of Indians depend on small-scale agriculture for their livelihoods.

What’s “absolutely bonkers” is that the Modi government did not get farmers’ input on the reforms, said Sandhu.

“Farmers have been calling for reforms for decades. The issue is that the reforms the national government is bringing is not the reforms farmers have been calling for and doesn’t solve the issues that have been plaguing farming.”

These issues include widespread poverty, ecological damage, climate change and water shortages, all of which threaten food security.”


Jasman Dhillon also wrote at length about the struggles of farmers and the treatment of protesters here.

Thankfully the outcome resulted in the State capitulating and backtracking on the legislation.

Farm laws: India farmers end protest after government accepts demands

The government withstood months of protest, with both sides refusing to compromise, before it unexpectedly bowed to the farmers’ demands this week.

Some take-aways here are:

1/ Inclusion in the process makes for easier adoption of change.

2/ Persistence pays off.

3/ We ought to be forever thankful for farmers every time we put food in our mouths.

Bless the protesters for their steadfastness.

My fellow meditators, please join me in sending #loveandlight into this issue and utilizing these word cues in #meditation to lift consciousness so we can see the unfoldment of solutions for #healing this challenge going forward.

  • Inclusive

  • Persistent

  • Fair

  • Justice

  • Collaborative

  • Compassion

  • Understanding

  • Respectful

  • Courageous

  • Brave

  • Flexible

  • Innovative

No Farmers No Food
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