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Legalizing Cannabis

There is so much to unpack here in the context of the esoteric.

I’m blessed to live in Canada where we have legalized it.

I wasn’t always an advocate of cannabis. In fact I was quite the opposite back in the day when I lived in the Prairies. When I moved out to BC I was shocked at how open the usage of it was.

It wasn’t until I got a cancer scare in 2015 that I was open to trying it and got motivated to research the health benefits.

It is amazing how perspective changes and one’s mind can be opened when faced with a life threatening health challenge.

The big esoteric implications here are:

  • When we restrict something that has health benefits to masses of people, that is going to karmically impact us.

-> That is going to take two forms:

* One, we will eventually experience an event where we will need it.

> Depending on our karma and what we need for our own personal

soul growth, we may experience not being able to access it and

feel that pain

* Two, we will inevitably feel the pain of those who didn’t have access to it

or got in trouble for using it.

> That would be all the people incarcerated for using it or selling it.

All the emotional pain they felt for having lost their freedom,

lost contact with their loved ones, having their dreams taken

away - we’re going to experience all that pain in our life review in

the light.

> All the people who suffered from ailments that could have been

eased but didn’t have access to it – we will feel their physical pain

in our life review in the light.

My ultimate dream now is for cannabis to be legalized everywhere on planet earth.

If you’re currently an advocate for cannabis, keep at it!

If you’re in need of using cannabis, my wish for you is to be in a place that allows medical use.

My fellow meditators, please join me in sending #loveandlight into this issue and utilizing these word cues in #meditation so we can lift consciousness so we can see the unfoldment of solutions for #healing this challenge.

  • Compassionate

  • Kind

  • Empathy

  • Open-minded

  • Caring

  • Understanding

  • Reverence

  • Loving

  • Educated

  • Progressive

  • Reasonable

  • Nurturing

Legalizing Cannabis
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Who do you know that puts out great content on social media that advocates for the legalization of Cannabis?

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