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Karma Explained


“Fate or destiny resulting from one's previous actions.”


A context needs to be provided to fully understand the broadness of karma.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience in the material world. Our purpose is to not only experience the physical plane but remember the spiritual realm that we originated from.

Infrastructure is set up so we have forgotten and fully enjoy the pleasures of the physical realm. But that experience has come with some hazards and consequences.

We have a veil that covers the memories of our past lives so we don’t know why we’re experiencing adversity and pain and suffering.

Thankfully, practicing high frequency energy meditation can give us some past life recall and enable us to connect the dots between our past thoughts, words, actions, and inactions that are the drivers of our current experiences.

Our thoughts, words and actions matter so incredibly much. Seeing so much work being done by so many people on limiting belief fills my heart with joy because they are contributing to the raising of their own consciousness but also that of the collective.

Let us consider war for instance, consequences will karmically hit those who thought it up, promoted it, ordered it, carried it out, those who didn't speak up against it.

I should also share that even self-defense will have to be answered for in the greater scheme of our spiritual growth. But I’m certainly not that spiritually evolved yet. But in case you were wondering, there you have it. Those systems of thought that have taught ‘do no harm’ are correct.

I realize most people haven't developed the ability to see past or future lives, but most should be able to contemplate the concept of karma just from an intellectual perspective.

Yes, reincarnation exists. I realize that may be a thought barrier to some. I was raised Christian. Imagine my surprise when I began having past life recall. And imagine my shock when seeing the lines of connection between my attitudes and treatment of others with my future experiences.

One can't outwit or hide from karma. It is fundamentally a part of the structure of the quantum field. One can't surgically remove it from the quantum field. It is embedded into the infrastructure as a quantum law.

Karmic lessons take the form an individual specifically needs so they gain understanding of what an action they took feels like as the recipient. It is ‘walking a mile in another’s shoes’ in action. And sometimes that mile is a lifetime.

The unfoldment of karma is elegant and extraordinary in its custom design and execution.

Perhaps people think, when they pass from this life, that their life review in the light is it - since in that experience we get to see the impact of all our thoughts, words and actions.

For those that don’t know, that means we see the pain, despair, depression, sadness, shock, hurt, etc. Then after the life review concludes, we go rest and strategize our next life and how to integrate lessons so we can learn to do and be better.

What that may look like is adversity, pain and suffering in our next life so we deeply understand what it feels like and we're committed to not creating that feeling in someone else. For instance, if we won’t be kind and compassionate then we’ll experience the polar opposite.

Since we don’t get a manual at birth, we can go an entire lifetime and it won't be until our life review in the light when we realize how badly we fucked our self over. It can be a case of spectacular spiritual hubris.

It is not possible to resolve all our karma in one lifetime. It would be emotionally unbearable. Hence why we've had millions of lifetimes.

And if you're wondering, yes there are ways to release karma. I’ll speak more on this in my Soul Work 101 course.

But in the meantime, the esoteric lesson here is: be as kind and compassionate as you can be and find ways to become even more so. Consider reading a book on non-violent communication.

Observe the impact of your words and actions. This is a forever exercise so be gentle with yourself. If we could master this overnight we’d all be ascended masters and would have moved on from this plane of existence.

If you want to get advanced, observe the impact of your thoughts. Observe your thoughts and mood and then observe and evaluate the interactions you have in the physical environment. Are people snippy with you? How’s traffic? How does your day go?

And remember, the perfect Law of Karma will bring to us the corresponding experience we've given others. The experience will arrive in whatever form it needs to be to best teach us the lesson that the experience doesn’t feel good and convince us to commit to thinking, speaking, and behaving better.

My fellow meditators, please join me in sending #loveandlight into this issue and utilizing these word cues in #meditation so we can lift the consciousness of ourselves and others and see a reduction of pain and suffering in the world.

  • Compassionate

  • Kind

  • Tolerant

  • Considerate

  • Honourable

  • Caring

  • Respectful

  • Altruistic

  • Caring

  • Responsible

  • Careful

  • Mindful

Karma Explained
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What books or courses on nonviolent communication have you read or taken that you recommend? I’m reading Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg.

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