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Free Speech & Censorship

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

I write this in light of the Joe Rogan controversy and book banning in 2022.

Russell makes some valid points and it best serves us to have the conversations.

Russell Brand discusses the changes in our knowledge on Covid.

Same goes with books. The discussions are important to teach critical thinking especially in this age of fake news.

Why book banning is back

Read the Books That Schools Want to Ban

At the end of day, I believe conversations must be protected. Conversations need to happen because that's how we learn and progress.

And frankly, we need to adult up. It is up to us to be more intelligent, more discerning, and more inquisitive.

Perhaps the words of Obama can remind us.

And here again, reminding us to be tolerant of those we disagree with.

One esoteric lesson here is, where we restrict the speech and freedom of others, we too shall have our expression and freedom restricted. The perfect Law of Karma will bring to us the corresponding experience we've given others. The experience will arrive in whatever form it needs to be, to best teach us the lesson that the experience doesn’t feel good.

My fellow meditators, please join me in sending #loveandlight into this issue and utilizing these word cues in #meditation so we can lift consciousness so we can see the unfoldment of solutions for #healing this challenge.

  • Freedom

  • Wise

  • Transparency

  • Truth

  • Intelligent

  • Tolerant

  • Courageous

  • Logical

  • Responsible

  • Rational

  • Inquisitive

  • Discerning

Free Speech and Censorship
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