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Meditate with purpose.

"You can't have physical transformation until you have a spiritual transformation." ~ Cory Booker

The Mental Jumpstart


Level Three  Coming Soon!

In Level 3 of the MJS Program you will continue to progress in your soul work, deciphering your shadow, reframing your mindset, furthering your limited belief exploration, improving your emotion management, deepening your mind training in concentration & trance work, manifesting desirable futures, mindfulness meditations, unlocking more of your kundalini energy, and more deeply accessing prana energy.


You will continue transmuting karma, working on your clair sense development, refining your timeline shifting, and mastering brain wave and brain state shifting.


As you continue to build your foundation, in Level 3 of the MJS Program I will introduce a heightening kundalini activation and more techniques to take your clair sense development further.


Level 4 will deepen the progression by working with: high frequency energy activations, lightbody attunements, merkaba activation, tapping into the high levels of quantum field energy, past life recall, increasing the transmutation of karma, and amplifying your timeline shifting ability.


Level 2 of the Mental Jumpstart Program is the pre-requsite course for Level 3 of this Program.


Every relationship has a spiritual purpose that helps us grow and become stronger.  Sometimes, our most challenging relationships bring the greatest personal blessings.  From them we learn about forgiveess, patience, and other virtues.

~ Doreen Virue

Image by Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian
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