365 Day Meditation Challenge

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52 Guided Meditations. A new theme for each week. 1 daily meditation. Each meditation is approximately 20 minutes long. This is a self-paced challenge. You decide for how much and for how long. 💗 You've heard of Power Yoga and HIIT? This is like that. This is essentially Power Meditation. I've integrated the powerful components so as to be able to glean the most out of a 20 minute session. Why is this free? I was inspired by this story: "Firm offering free drycleaning for jobseekers". If we all offer some of our skills for free we can contribute to making the world an even better place. I believe personal transformation fuels goal achievement, be that more happiness, better relationships, greater spiritual awareness, or enhanced well-being. I hope this resource helps you grow and blossom your authentic Divine Self. 🙏💞

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Donna Harper
Donna Harper



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