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The Mystic's Journey

nourishment for the soul

Elevating consciousness by starting with our own embodiment and aligning with ideals.

Sacred Mirrors

I invite you to come along for the ride as I record my musings from my own spiritual journey. 

I analyze problems through an esoteric lens and pose meditations to address them in the realm they began in - the thought world. 

I endeavor to use a no BS writing style and promise not to sugar coat issues.

I recommend many books in my courses and here I would like to draw your attention to one author in particular, William Walker Atkinson.


Join Me On A
Spiritual Journey

You can get the meditation cue cards that accompany each new blog post by subscribing to my Blog. 

For each blog post, I will create a downloadable PDF file that will contain the corresponding meditation cue cards discussed in the post. 

Let the posts come to you.

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